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The Top 5 Anime Shows to Watch with Your Pet

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Do you have a furry friend who loves watching TV as much as you do? Do you want to introduce them to the joys of anime with some pet-friendly goodness? Well, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. We’ve already covered plenty of ways you can enjoy your favorite shows with friends and family. From movies to mini series and TV series, there are so many ways to watch shows together. But did you know that watching anime with your pet is also a great idea? Many anime have their own unique themes and characters that will help bring out the inner dog or cat in everyone. Below is the anime shows offering fantastic examples of pet-friendly content. There are so many reasons why now might be a great time to get your fur baby into the world of anime!

1. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

One of the best shows to watch with your pet is Tokyo Ghoul. Based on a manga series by Sui Ishida, this is a story about humans and ghouls living in a world where ghouls are seen as nothing more than animals. The series follows the character of Kaneki, a young man who goes through a traumatic experience when he is bitten by a ghoul. As an outsider to the world, Kaneki becomes the perfect person to explore the darker side of Tokyo, but he soon finds himself caught in the middle of a war between humans and ghouls.


2. Attack on Titan (2013)

Attack on Titan is a great show for dog owners and their pups. This story is set in a world where people are plagued by giants that roam the land. A select few are the soldiers who are able to fight these monsters and save the day. The story follows a young man named Eren who lives in a town that is attacked by these giants. His home is destroyed and his mother is killed, but Eren survives and vows to become a hero and avenge his family. Unlike most shows, Attack on Titan is a show that does not steer clear of the issues that arise from having pets. There are many moments where humans are shown to have pets, and pets are shown to be important to the story, too. This is a great show to watch with your pet, as the themes and characters will help bring out the inner dog or cat in everyone. You can even pick up some snacks or treats that are perfect for a Titan tasting adventure.


3. Demon Slayer (2019)

If you're a fan of anime, then you've probably already heard about the Demon Slayer anime. This series is one of the most highly-anticipated new anime releases of 2019, and for good reason: It's an action-packed fantasy adventure with a unique premise and lovable characters. The story follows a young girl named Sakura Rakurai who unexpectedly finds herself transported to a fantasy world. There, she must team up with other unlikely allies to defeat the demons that have invaded her homeland. Pets can be a source of great joy for some members of the Hashira. Gyomei is a young Hashira member who absolutely adores cats. This is a great show to watch with your pet because of the very real and relatable themes and situations that many pet owners can relate to.


4. Naruto

While there are many anime that feature cute and cuddly characters, Naruto also has plenty of pets to keep viewers entertained. Naruto is an anime about a young ninja named Naruto. Naruto has to deal with the ever-growing threat of the latest villain, Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke wants to become the leader of the world’s most powerful ninja village, but he has a track record of killing his teachers and comrades before they can be groomed as leaders. The only way to stop him is by defeating him in combat. Anime like Naruto will make you want to own a pet like Sasuke, who loves to run around in the grass and sniff things!


5. Psycho-Pass (2015)

If your pet loves dystopian fiction, then Psycho-Pass is the perfect show for them. This story follows the Sybil System, a program designed to identify deviant behavior and predict the likelihood of future crimes. Unfortunately, there are those who will stop at nothing to destroy the Sybil System and those who rely on it to survive.


These are just a few of the many great shows that you can watch with your pet. There are plenty of other great shows with similar themes, and with the right snacks and treats, they will love getting into the spirit of the show, too! If you’re looking for more suggestions, check out our article on the best anime shows for pets . So, don’t let their furry little faces miss out on this wonderful experience!

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