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The Best Limited Edition NFT gifts: "Chiko & Roko"!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Chiko and Roko is a character art platform dedicated to providing free art toys. It's started in Dubai - the place where ambitious and ideological people will definitely find their place. It hand out new NFT gifts daily, including special NFTs with unique designs made by authors and designers from various countries. Users can view the art toys in from different angles in 3D and create cool social media content using AR technology.

What is a digital gift?

A digital gift is any physical item that is stored digitally. One of the best things about digital gift is that they are accessible anywhere, anytime. Digital gift are a wonderful way to create lasting memories and share them with the world.

How to claim the gift?

  1. Go to the site using the link:

  2. Register on the site

  3. Click on the ‘Collect your gift’ button on the project’s website and log in using your Apple ID or Google ID.

  4. The digital gift will then be added to your collection

What can you do with the gift?

You can appreciate them in 3D format or by using AR (Augmented Reality) , and also shoot and record videos or photos with them. The platform will be integrated with the OpenSea marketplace in the near future, as well as put up for sale on the internal marketplace of Chiko & Riko's platform. Collectors and fans, please be prepared for the surprise

Can I then sell my NFT gift?

Yes, you can sell the gifts after the expo is over. You can withdraw the gifts to your wallet and sell them on one of the marketplaces. Chiko & Roko are also intending to implement multichain compatibility.

Makesure you collect them all!

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