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Halloween 2022: Tips for keeping your pets safe

There are many things we do to prepare our homes for the fall season. We decorate our entrance ways and windowsills with pumpkins and other popular fall decorations. We get all of our lawns looking their best, trimming leaves and cleaning up after pets that venture outdoors. And, we typically keep our pets indoors on this spooky holiday as well. However, there’s one pet who can’t be kept inside on Halloween: your furry friend! Whether they’re dressed up in costume or ready to investigate the outside world, most of your pets will want to come out and play on this special day. One reason why is because it’s an opportunity for them to get some much-needed exercise. You can encourage them to get out more by offering them a safe place to walk so that they have fun exploring the neighborhood without putting themselves in danger or getting into trouble with other animals or people. Here are some great tips for helping your pet have a happy and healthy Halloween:

1. Don’t forget to dress up your pet!

It’s no surprise that pets get scared when they see people dressed up as spooky characters, but it’s even scarier when they don’t recognize the people as their human family members. If you’re planning on dressing up, make sure to put your pet in a costume too. This will help your pet realize that it’s Halloween and not Christmas.

2. Keep windows closed and use a flashlight if you have to go outdoors

Dogs and cats love to explore and might want to come inside while you’re outside during the evening. Make sure your windows and doors are closed so they feel safe. If you have to go outside at night, use a flashlight and keep your pet indoors until you’re back inside. This will help your pet stay calm and see what’s going on outside so it doesn’t become anxious.

3. Create a safe place for your pet to walk

While it’s fun to let your pet venture out and explore on Halloween, they should do so in a safe and controlled environment. In order to keep your pet safe, you’ll want to create a safe place for them to walk. You can do this by placing a gate at the end of your pet’s walk and keeping it closed when you’re not home. If you don’t have a fence around your property, you can use a pet cinder block as a barrier. In addition to keeping your pet safe while they’re walking outside, you can also create an indoor safe place for them to walk. For example, if you have an above ground pool, you can create an indoor pool so that your pet has a safe place to walk during the winter. You can also create a safe spot for your pet in your house. Place a gate at the entrance to the room so that your pet can safely walk in and out of the room while avoiding dangerous areas.

4. Feed them before you take them out

If your pet is like most dogs and cats, Halloween is a great opportunity for them to eat. You should feed your pet before you take them out so that they have enough energy and hydration to keep them going for the extended period of time that it takes for them to walk outside and return. You can feed your pet a special Halloween-approved food. Some foods that make great holiday treats are pumpkin seeds, gummy bears, candy corn, and other fall foods. However, you should feed your pet these treats in moderation. If they eat too many sweets on Halloween, they could experience digestive issues while they’re on their walks. If your pet doesn’t like Halloween treats, you can also give them regular food and water. While it’s not a smart idea to feed your pet non-holiday food, it’s OK to give them regular meals on Halloween while they’re outside.

5. Keep treats to a minimum on Halloween

While the holiday is a great chance for your pet to get some much-needed exercise, it’s also a time for them to get in trouble. For example, some pet owners give their pets Halloween treats to encourage them to get out and explore safely. However, if you do this, you’ll want to keep the treats to a minimum. Some pet owners have said that, when their pets get too many treats on Halloween, they act out and do things that are dangerous to themselves and others. For example, a pet that gets too many Halloween treats might wander into the road rather than walk on the sidewalk or go into a neighbor’s yard when they’re not supposed to.

6. Trick-or-treat with your pet in tow

Trick-or-treating with your pet in tow is a great way to encourage your pet to get some exercise while they have fun exploring a new neighborhood. You can also use this trick-or-treating trick to help your pet avoid getting into trouble with other animals and people. If you’d like to trick-or-treat with your pet, you’ll need to create a costume for them out of an old bedsheet or some other material. You’ll also want to find a way to attach the costume to your pet’s body so that they can’t take it off. When trick-or-treating with your pet in tow, keep them close to you at all times. And, if they wander off, don’t walk away without them. Instead, go back to where you last saw your pet and wait for them to return.

7. Make sure your pet wears ID during trick-or-treating hours

If your pet is wearing a costume while they’re trick-or-treating, ensure that they have an identification tag with their name and current address attached to it. This will help ensure that your pet gets home safely. When in doubt, you can also create a name tag for your pet that has their name and phone number on it and keep it on them at all times. If your pet gets lost or separated from you while trick-or-treating, they can call you or their neighbors to find help. You can also create a sign that has your pet’s name and phone number on it, and have your pet wear the sign during their trick-or-treating travels. This way, if your pet gets separated from you, they can get home safely.

8. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for wildlife after dark

Even though your pet can stay outside for longer periods of time while they’re trick-or-treating, you shouldn’t leave them out too late. Ideally, your pet should return home before it gets too dark. This way, you can watch out for wildlife that may be out and about after dark. For example, you should keep an eye out for raccoons, opossums, and other wildlife that may be out after dark. These animals may cause damage to your home, cars, or other outdoor areas.

Your pets are excited to celebrate Halloween, but they can’t be as safe when they venture outside as they would be during the rest of the year. That’s why it’s important to create a safe place for your pet to walk, feed them before you take them out, keep treats to a minimum on Halloween, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for wildlife after dark. These tips will help ensure that your pet has a fun and safe Halloween.

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