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Christmas Cat: 6 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Cat

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid cat lover or someone who has only just recently gotten a cat for the first time and wants to incorporate your furry friend into your home as much as possible; you will have undoubtedly noticed that cats are more than happy to spend time with us humans during the holidays. The human and feline inhabitants of the house all get excited at the prospect of Christmas, but they especially enjoy the festivities when there is a special gift waiting for them under the tree. This is why it is so important to create an environment that welcomes all members of your family during this festive period, which also means making sure that every single one of your possessions, including your pet friends, are given a fair chance at being loved as much as possible. Here is our guide on how you can celebrate Christmas with your cat.

Create a cat-friendly workspace

Many cats are naturally drawn to the smell of Christmas, so it’s a good idea to get a tree and other decorations and place them in an area that your cat likes the smell of. You can also try fragranced candles and scented oils to enhance the smell of your decorations. You might also want to set up a festive “cat table” or “cat gate” in your living room or dining room so that your cat has somewhere that they can safely investigate the scent of the decorations without getting close to any people or other pets.

Hang decorations

Decorations are always a great way to tie in the festive feel of Christmas with your cat’s overall environment. You could hang festive ribbons, tinsel, and other decorations around the outside of your home so that your cat feels like they are in the middle of the festival. Get your cat into the Christmas spirit by placing a small gift underneath their favourite decorated item. It could be a cat toy, a treat, or even a few pieces of dried catnip. This will not only help your cat to get into the festive mood, but it will also help to keep them entertained while you’re hanging up the rest of the decorations.

Keep your furry friend close by

If your cat is a Christmas fan, then it is only natural that they would be excited to spend the festive season with you. Get your cat involved in the decorating process by tying ribbons around their favourite decorations and hanging stockings next to their beds. You could also try placing some catnips in their stocking to help to keep them happy while you’re away.

Deck the halls

While this might sound a bit like a fairy tale, it is still a good idea to make your cat’s first experience at Christmas feel a little bit magical. Get some glitter, glue, and doilies, then place them around your cat’s home so that they can explore the glitter when they wake up. You could even glue some doilies to your cat’s favourite pieces of furniture to help make their first Christmas experience even more memorable.

Bake yummy treats for your cat

Most cats love their food to taste a bit like Christmas. Make sure that you keep their food stocked up with festive treats so that they have something to eat during the festive period. You could try making your own pine flavoured gravy or flavoured roasted turkey, or you could try making your own homemade biscuits or cake.

Wrap up with a cuddle session

As well as eating some festive treats, why not try to incorporate a little bit of cuddling into your cat’s daily diet while you’re celebrating the holidays. Try putting your cat’s favourite bed or cat bed near a window so that they have somewhere to get some natural sunlight while they lounge. This will help to keep them happy and healthy while you’re away.

There is no doubt that Christmas can be a tricky time for both humans and pets, but with a little bit of preparation, it is easy to make the festive season a happy one for both humans and cats. Make sure that your cat has somewhere that they can safely explore the smell of the decorations, and make sure that you have plenty of tasty treats in the house. With these tips in mind, you are sure to have a happy and healthy Christmas with your cat.

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